Summer of DarkShot Part 1 – Comicpalooza


With ROTii finally released on Steam, we figured a good way to spend the summer would be taking it around to show off a little! We decided to start with a booth at Comicpalooza in Houston, and it turned out to be a great experience! Though the main focus of the convention is comic books, there was a variety of different people walking the convention floor. Some of them were even people we saw at last year’s event!

Considering this was our first convention since the launch of ROTii, we decided that selling the full game would be the number one goal. However, that can get a bit tricky when you consider the fact that everything on Steam is digital. That’s where we got creative, and printed our own custom made cards, each with its own unique download code for the game. While it was certainly worth it to have a way for the people to receive the full version of our game, printing 600 individual cards for the game proved to be a tedious task indeed.

Though there were some pretty big name celebrities in attendance, we always feel like big shots in our own right when people take the time to play and enjoy our game. We’ll definitely be back for Comicpalooza 2018, but until then, our next stop is RePlay XPO!

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