ROTii is a puzzle/platformer game with a tiny hero, but huge charm. The game follows the adventures of our mini protagonist, ROTii; A 4″ tall cleaning robot who is programmed to clean germs and eradicate bugs! Its creator, the brilliant, yet lazy Dr. Nida has armed ROTii with the mighty Vac-Pack, a high powered vacuum backpack that can suck up objects and spit them out at high speeds. ROTii is truly a product essential for any modern household!

  • Solve puzzles using your vacuum cleaner to push and pull objects. It’s an obstacle course to reach the end!
  • Animations and colors bring the game to life with a splash of personality. It is a game about a cleaning robot after all!
  • Rubber duck rides! Paper Airplane flights! ROTii is full of tiny moments that make the experience huge!
  • In addition to the puzzles, each level has a hard to find secret for only the most hardcore cleaners.
  • Enjoy visuals and music inspired by Dr. Nida’s Pakistani based culture as you solve puzzles!

ROTii Soundtrack

The collection of upbeat and quirky songs that goes with the puzzle solving adventures of ROTii! Since you can’t take the cleaning robot around with you, take these tunes instead!

Check out the soundtrack on Bandcamp!!

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