ROTii takes on Greenlight and gets some new trailers!

The year my just be starting, but ROTii is nearing the end of a long development cycle. We’re in the process of fine tuning the game at this point, so the coveted day is fast approaching! As a result, we’ve taken to focusing more energy on the promotion of the game…as if a platformer about a cleaning robot couldn’t market itself! That includes this fancy trailer we made to promote the game. While this trailer is chopped and edited to suit the format of Steam Greenlight better, you can see the full version of it here, including an attempt at voice narration! The intro scene takes some beats from the premise of the Six Million Dollar Man.

Speaking of…the time has finally come! ROTii is currently running it’s campaign over on Steam Greenlight! For those who don’t know, Greenlight is the process where users can vote on which indie games they would purchase on Steam. We’ll need to accumulate enough votes in order to publish on Steam when release day comes, so please check out our page if you haven’t.

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