What’s a DarkShot?

DarkShot Studios is a small crew of Houston based game developers. Our mission is a simple one, use our expertise in the ancient art of “dev” to influence gamers everywhere with our weird and questionable content. Though we’re starting out (literally) small with everyone’s favorite cleaning robot, we hope this is only the beginning!

There are a hand full of us working together here to crank out the content. With many different minds and backgrounds, we have a wide range of elements we would like to tackle while the shop is open. Look forward to a healthy mix of comedy, epic, tragedy, and downright bizarre.

Who’s a DarkShot?

Brandon Smith


Kandice Fox


Linh Lam

Character Artist

Erik Burmeister

2D Animator

Alexandra Alvarez

Concept Artist

Erik Burmeister


Nida Syed

Environment Artist
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